Choosing a puppy

Why do you still want puppies relying too much on color? I think we should rather believe in well bred dogs and that a nice color does not mean necesarry a good dog. I am not interested in the color when I want to keep a pup for us or to make a breeding with a stud. If the pup/dog have the phenotype/temp I want, is enough for me no matter the color.

Also, it is at least strange for me as a regular breeder how most of potential buyers approach the situation of purchasing a puppy. Today, they only want black puppies (solid if possible), when you have only brindles. Tomorrow, they only want brindles, when you have only blacks.

Another important thing, If the breeder still have few pups left from a litter, you have to know that among these puppies, there are also top quality that were not chosen just because they did not have the right color or the right sex.

My conclusion is that first of all, the color is what sells the puppy, then the name of the breeder and last if the puppy is out of a great specimen.

Choose wisely…