HD discussion is so boring, and there are so many opinions about it. Definetely, import of a Presa Canario is a risk sport and that is something everyone knows, whatever if the breeder say that his dogs are healthy. Of course, the most important thing is to buy a pup from a serious and honest breeder but this is not enough.

A lot of spanish breeders, important and oldest breeders of the breed, don’t have x-rays for their dogs, they don’t even care about this, their only breeding purpose is function, they still produce good dogs, essential for the breed and they still export many pups around the world. I am not saying that health is not important and I am not agree to breed two dogs with severe problems, but I have a problem with people who breed only A with A.

In nordic countries is a hysteria about hips scores which is anyway a marketing tool. Many breeders don’t care about typicality, structure and temperament and they breed dogs only strictly on hips, HD A with HD A and the result is just some dogs. I believe that hysteria tests generally, caused more misery than the disease itself. We have now more healthy dogs and more ugly dogs. The thing is to have a balance in all we do because we will loose the essence of the breed.

Also, It’s weird to see that everybody want official results by FCI recommended vets. This vets are not God, and is just all about some people interests there. Unfortunately FCI today = Money. They are many good vets around the world and they are not recommended by FCI. Try to go with your dog x-ray to different vets and you will have at least 3 different results.

For example, If I have to buy a pup and I have to choose from two different litters, first litter with parents tested HD A and the second litter with parents non tested, definetely my decision will be to choose a pup from second litter if I like the parents more.

One thing we must understand once for all on molos dogs is that is not easy to get a HD A and who have HD A is a happy case. Hip score are good for a breeding guide but important are typicality, structure and functionality. If the dog work, when we want, how, and what we want, then we have a healthy dog.