Future breeding

We are contacted daily by many people interested in our puppies, asking when we will have the next litter. We answered each one privately, we also specified it on our website and we do it again in this announcement also.

We have a small kennel with few dogs and we intend to stay at this level. From this point of view, we breed very often, just 1 litter a year and only if we have reservations in advance or if we want to keep something for us.

So in order not to be dissapointed, because you don’t get a male for example, or you don’t find the “right color”, if you want a puppy from a future breeding, you have to contact us from time. Of course we don’t guarantee any specific color or gender in a litter, but first you have to send a deposit to reserve your pick.

Otherwise we can’t guarantee nothing, without reservations we won’t do any breedings in the future. The only way when we do a breeding without reservations in advance, is only when we want to keep a pup for us and also you can have access to buy a pup from our kennel.

Choose wisely