What you should know

Sometime people wonder what things are more important in breeding dogs to be successful. They compare the following criteria:

• the role of the breeder
• the role of a good set-up
• the role of nutrition and supplements
• the role of dogs

Some people say, the quality of the dogs is the most important thing that makes you a successful breeder. I think the role of the breeder is the most important.

What they mean is that some people have good intuition for dogs, others will never learn anyway despite their good intentions.

When a breeder is good, he knows how important the quality of the dogs is, he knows what to breed and how/where to get them.

Many people wonder how some peoples are successful when they import puppies while others make mistakes often. The latter go to the wrong people at the wrong time to buy the wrong pup (poor quality).

So, where to go to get a good pup?

For the average person who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend, my advice is: forget the big names, look in your area, look for unknown breeders, preferably with few dogs and buy from them before they become famous.

If the money is not a problem for you, look worldwide, there are many big names around the world. You just have to find the right for you. Of course if you can visit in person that will be a big +.

But how to get to them, if you don’t do your homework properly, if you don’t read absolutely everything you find from forums, groups or websites? The information today is so accesibile to anyone.

I don’t recommend names when someone ask me from where to buy a pup, but I can recommend to buy from breeders who have few dogs and few litters in a year, whether if they are famous or not.

Everyone should be able to find such breeders by doing a little research.

But be careful!