Below are some answers to basic questions people have asked us over the years about our kennel, dogs and the breed.

Are Presa Canario good with children?

They are very protective and gentle but children must be taught to treat dog gently. Any breed of dog can bite a child and it is advisable that small children, should not be left unsupervised, with any type of dog.

Should I get a male or a female?

This is a personal choice. The females are more docile than the males. I personally love the females.

What kind of food/supplements should I give to have a big dog?

It’s not all just about good food and good supplements. When your dog have good genetics is more easier to build a strong dog but when you don’t, good food, supplements and exercise can help but it is not enough.

How much exercise a Presa require and what type?

Puppies exercise should be limited, as their little bodies grow at an alarming rate and too much exercise can cause serious harm to the joints, leading into life time trouble. Once they are an adult, they require exercise almost everyday. Presa is an active breed and not a couch dog. Long walks, especially if you live in a mountain or hill area is much better, than just a simple walk in the park.

After 1.5 – 2 years old, you can consider start pulling weight with your dog. From my experience, weight pulling is not the only way to gain muscle mass. Your dog can also gain this, from that long walks I talking about above, or just because the dog have good genetics.

How important is the pedigree of the pup?

The correctness of the pedigrees depends on the honesty of the breeder.

To understand importance of pedigree, first of all, you need a very good bloodline, which has proven it’s value over time and a good bloodline is hidden in the pedigree.

The pedigree is more than just a piece of paper, as some still believe, because if you try to read it carefully, you will discover many things in it and you will start learning about breeding and dogs.

Do you sell pups with papers?

Definetely. All pups will have ACW (Alianz Canine Worldwide) or FCE (Federacion Cinologica Espanola) registration.

How do payments work?

Once you put your deposit down, your puppy is reserved. Full payment is due by the time your puppy is ready for shipping.

Are deposits or payments refundable?

No, but transferable to another litter.

What is the cost of your puppies?

The price depending on quality of the pup and age. Please contact us directly for more pricing information.

How much does it cost to ship a puppy?

Pricing varies depending on the country, typical costs by air are EUR 500-2000 and by car EUR 250-500.

How are the puppies shipped?

For international shipping, we still fly our puppies in cargo area of commercial airlines, but also we can ship by car in most of the European countries. The pups will be dewormed and have shots appropiate to their age at the time of delivery.

Your puppies are sold with contract?

No, I think a good recommendation worth more.

How many litters do you have in a year?

We only have 1-2 litters in a year.

Why to choose and buy from a small kennel?

Because in my opinion, a breeder which doesn’t have much space (small set-up), he is forced by circumstances, to sell his best puppies that other breeders would keep.

We can visit your kennel?

Definetely, but all visits must be arranged in advance.