We can give you many reasons why a Presa must have his ears cropped, from health, to conformation, till function.

Of course first of all they do look better, but It’s not just about the look, because is a breed with dominant specimens, active dogs with high energy and love the fights, ears are the first who fall in altercations. And is well known that they are highly vascularized and from here could start a very „nice” bleeding.

Also a very important role is the ventilation of the ear, which is better done with the ears cropped.

Owners who have a single dog can avoid conflicts between their dog and others, but breeders who have more dogs and especially puppies, when they play toghether, some of them can hurt easily. Not to count that their play, watched from outside is pretty brutal and they always will have scratches.

The puppies are cropped from a young age under total anesthesia. For some people this procedure can be considered brutal and ruthless, but I wonder, those who sterilize their dogs, it is ok, no problem, right?

We are animal lovers and our dogs are part of the family. We don’t torture and mutilate our dogs but it’s easier to judge from the couch, without knowing what it’s like to own a specimen from this breed or what it’s like to raise at least one single litter of 7 puppies up to the age of 4-5 months old and maybe more.

Ears cropping is a simple and easy way to prevent injuries and infections, that’s all. But unfortunatelly, some will never understand. And you guessed it right, there are those who have nothing to do with the Presa Canario.