Vision about the breed

My dogs have structure, with good body proportions, strong bones, very broad chest, of course they are not Dobermans, and they are not ideal for agility, but you have to understand that my selection is for guard and defense and for that they are very good dogs.

I am honest when I say that I don’t like a Presa Canario to thin, athletic yes but not to thin, he must have substance. Also, I have a weakness for tall dogs, that means the dog has to have more weight that comes with the extra inch.

Everyone preference is different, but for me, I will never own a Presa Canario that is thin and small. He can have all the drive in the world, champion titles, run like a cheetah, jump like a monkey, I can appreciate a dog like this but I am not interested to have one. If I needing a dog like that, i’d go for a Pit personally.

The Presa Canario should be a large size dog, not small as far as I am concerned. That’s the way I like a Presa Canario, large physique but still agile.

I don’t own or want short fat type dogs. I don’t own or breed dogs that look like Corso, Mastino, Pit, Bull Mastiff etc.

My philosophy of breeding is simple. When I breed two dogs I am interested in only two things: structure and temperament. To illustrate my point, I don’t breed for teeths so I can have only dogs with full dentition. This is just a + for me and not a “must”. I don’t care if a stud has missing teeths, if in my eyes he is the one. But I do prefer a correct bite. Also, I do not like light eyes.

I don’t breed dogs just because they are health testing for different genetic diseases, they are champions or they have a great pedigree. I only try to breed specimens with the same phenotype, structure and character. You can’t have one without the other.

I breed what works best for me, too many weights, too many inches, missing teeths, who cares? Only for show breeders I guess! It’s just a matter of taste. I have a clear vision how I want my line to be. My goal is to make my own line uniform, not to satisfy fashion. If some look different or weight more than others, it’s just how it is.

I try to create guardians with the genetic potential to work and dogs that I would like to keep for me first.

I believe that if you breed only for function you decrease in conformation, and if you breed only for conformation you decrease in function. I try to breed for the best of both.

I don’t care if a Presa Canario have 70 kg or over, if he can do what I need of it I’m happy. As long as the dog is tall and function is still there, they can be big as a Bully Kutta for all I care. What resistance must have a 70 kg dog to put down a bad guy who entered in my yard? 3 minutes? I think 3 minutes is to much. Of course he can’t have the agility of a 50 kg specimen, but I don’t need necesarry a dog like that to be able to protect me or my property.

I will not have the standard papers in my pocket to appreciate a good dog. I am not stressed to have a dog according to the standard. I will not measure it, weight it or looking for many faults as possible. If I like a dog how it is, well that is good for me. I think a good dog defend itself without having champion show title or without looking into his ped.

Champion show title means nothing to me. I don’t really care which dog is champion and where. I do not follow wherever the word “champion”. I appreciate nice specimens and I am interested to know the character of the dog rather than some show titles.

The work asked of a Presa Canario from the start has never been to hunt hogs, run for miles or jump over walls. The work that is asked of the Presa Canario is to guard the home and family. The others are just optional things.

Presa Canario must know how to guard. A true specimen have this instinct in his blood. Just to give you an idea, any dog should be tested for character before breeding. I think that is important to keep Presas as Presas and not like brindle labs.

In my opinion Presa Canario is the best for personal protection. It has the endurance, size, strength, drive and ferocity that no other dog can match.