Varro Bull is a small kennel based in Romania, Europe.

The first Presa I’ve saw were in a dog show and I had been deeply impress by the imposing stature, distinctive expression and balanced temperament for a such powerful breed. After long searches in 2011, I managed to buy a male (Varro) from a well know breeder in Romania (Bap de Cluj) and from that moment my adventure with Presa Canario began.

During this years I got involved in this breed, learning from older breeders or discovering by myself “secrets” of the breed and becoming over time a better breeder.

Varro for me accumulate the most beautiful features of the breed, that is why my goal is to get my own bloodline closer to the pattern of this specimen.

Being oriented towards quality, Varro Bull Kennel doesn’t have litters all year long, preferring to give full attention to each litter separately, so I breed occasionaly, and only if I have demands or if I want to keep something for myself. For this reason, in order not to be disappointed, if you want to purchase a puppy, please contact us in advance.

I think a breeder is one that cares for his dogs and for the breed, no matter if he have 2 or 20 dogs. If he is doing good breedings, he can be influencial in the breed with just one great stud male, or one excellent litter, so you don’t need a kennel full of dogs to be a breeder.

About shows, for me is just a matter of lost interest to spend money on not very good judges, so I am not interested to have champions shows dogs or to breed this type of dogs. I like shows from time to time, but now I have more pleasure to go and just see what other have.

As I am not focus to produce show dogs, in case you are looking for a future champion show dog, this is not the right place, I can’t guarantee something like that to anyone.

Varro Bull Kennel was founded in May 2014 and is officially recognized by Federation Cynologique Internationale since January 2015. Also from January 2021 we are officially recognized by Alianz Canine WorldWide.